Air Handler (Evp)

Air Handler (Evp)

Foreign Export Models
    220 volts 50hz  

WKSL 4000 

   WKS 2200 (Old Style)
(No longer manufactured)


​Replaces the WK & WKE series. 


Bottle probe sold separately

WKSL 2200

Bottle Probe

WKL 1060, WKL 2200, WKL 3000, WKL 4000, WKL 6000 & WKL 8000


All Breezaire products are manufactured in San Diego CA USA 
          since 1985 with foreign and domestic components.   
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Split Systems

Replacement Air Handler or Condenser are available for purchase please contact

Breezaire at (858) 566-7465 

Warning: These products may contain or produce a chemical known to CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. ​

Up Grade to Black Stainless Steel



Can be used on all models

*NOTE:  WKC or WKCE models are used by many different cabinet manufactures therefore there are many different modifications please contact Breezaire direct for replacement information. 

​  WKCE 1060 & WKCE 2200

Available in 

WKL 2150 WKCE 2150

WKL 3350 WKSL 3350 

Please ask your dealer for pricing and leadtime. 

​Replaces the WKC & OEM cabinet models. 

Bottle probe sold separately

Replaced by WKSL 2200 (as of 12/2010)