All Breezaire products are manufactured in San Diego CA USA 
          since 1985 with foreign and domestic components.   
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​​Adjustable Temperature

The ideal temperature for storing and aging wine is between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Each BREEZAIRE system includes an adjustable thermostat that makes it possible for the user to precisely control the conditions in the wine cellar. When initially bringing the temperature down to the desired level and in maintaining the target temperature, the system produces a gentle stream of cool air never a blast of cold air that could subject the wine to abrupt temperature changes.

Automatic Humidity Control

Humidity must be present in the wine cellar to prevent cork and label deterioration. The gentle cooling action of the   system maintains the relative humidity in the 50 to 75 percent range, eliminating excess moisture but never allowing the air to become dry enough to create an undesirable condition. (Additional moisture may be required in extreme dry climates.)

Vibration Control

All BREEZAIRE systems are engineered to control vibration by dampening mounts throught out the cooling system. All units are hand assembled and tested to ensure that they meet the most exacting standards, resulting in wine that have greater clarity and brilliance.

Ultra Quiet Operation

BREEZAIRE systems perform their task quietly and unobtrusively to preserve the atmosphere of isolation from the outside world that makes a visit to a wine cellar an unique experience.

Attractive Metal Cabinet

An attractive metal cabinet that blends in with the décor of your cellar area and can be flush mounted to any wall.

Ease of Installation

The most popular BREEZAIRE systems are completely self-contained modules that are simply mounted in a wall and connected to a standard 115 AC source. No plumbing, complicated wiring or special procedures including the on-site installation of refrigerant are required.

Uncompromising Quality

All BREEZAIRE systems are designed to deliver superior performance. Constructed using only the highest quality components, and hand assembly by skilled craftsmen in our U.S. production facilities.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Owners enjoy the security of warranty coverage that reflects Breezaire ​Product Company's high standards.​

Full Factory Support    

Support in the form of expertise in system selection, enclosure design, and enclosure problem solving is just a phone call away.

Wine collectors and others who store or age delicate products have special requirements that cannot be satisfied by standard refrigeration equipment. Unlike air conditioners or commercial refrigeration systems our units gently cool the air without removing the moisture so essential for maintaining the integrity of the corks and the wine itself. Only excess moisture is removed in order to maintain 50% to 75% relative humidity. Our units are not intended to chill wines to a low serving temperature or to cool “service cabinets” which are opened or entered frequently.

Over the years we have worked very hard to constantly improve and update our products while maintaining the ability to repair any production unit we have ever made. Today’s units are exact replacements for units built since 1985.

All BREEZAIRE cooling systems are specialized designs that create the kind of carefully controlled environment demanded by products that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. They are not intended for use in standard refrigeration applications. For assistance in specifying the best system for your unique requirements and in creating the ideal storage environment, contact your authorized dealer.

Since 1985 BREEZAIRE Products Company has manufactured cooling systems designed and engineered to provide the ideal conditions for storage and aging of fine wines.

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