All Breezaire products are manufactured in San Diego CA USA 
          since 1985 with foreign and domestic components.   
All Rights Reserved  Copyright © Breezaire Products Company 

Authorized dealer will make sure you purchase the correct equipment for your cellar. Look for this logo  

Wine Cabinets                         Bar Store USA                         Vino Grotto    

Wine Cooler Direct                  Living Direct                             Wine Rack Superstore

​Vino Cellars                             Le Cache
Galt Wine                                 Heaven Selection                           
IWA Wine                                  
​Genuwine Cellars                    Great Keg 

Genie A/C                                Wine Cooler Depot                            

If you have any question on Breezaire Authorized Dealer's please contact us at 1-858-566-7465 or email 

Below are names and web site information on company's that are NOT Breezaire authorized dealers.
                 Please do not use these company's to purchase Breezaire cooling systems. 


  Please complete the form below if you are     looking to purchase a Breezaire cooling system.      We will respond to your inquiry with information        on where our products can be purchased. 


All authorized Breezaire dealers must sell at the MAP pricing attached  (link to March 2023 MAP price list). There will be no free shipping. If any of our dealers offer anything different please advise Breezaire. The inquiry above will provide dealers with impeccable record and many years of experience.