There are four models to choose from:
  All units are 115 Volt, 60 Hz
                                                        Enclosure            Electrical           Dimensions (in)                    Weight
                        Model              Volume (max)                          
                     WKE 3000              650 cu.ft.             5 Amps        14.25W x 19.75H x 21.63D             76 lb.
                     WKE 4000            1000 cu.ft.             7 Amps        14.25W x 19.75H x21.63D              81lb.
                     WKE 6000            1500 cu.ft.            9.5 Amps      16.25W x 22.00H x 22.25D            101lb.    
                     WKE 8000            2000 cu.ft.            10 Amps       16.25W x 22.00H x 22.25D            101lb.


WKE series has been replaced by the WKL series. 

              Please see link to WKL series products page 

Featuring the Exclusive   Sentinel II Microprocessor Control System. WKE Series systems with the SENTINEL II microprocessor-based control system are the most advanced systems available on the market. No other company offers the  Sentinel II performance at any price. 

The SENTINEL II features:

​A separate control panel with an LCD display that can be mounted on the cabinet or in a remote location.
Provides a constant readout of the temperature, with a separate alarm indicator light, which allows the user to change all operating parameters at any time. 
Built-in diagnostic routines display trouble codes on the LCD. 
Optionally the system can be connected to a home alarm system. 
The system also automatically controls fan speed to reduce energy use and noise while providing the optimum cooling under all conditions. 
WKE Series systems are compact, self-contained units. 
Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.

For more detailed information go to the WKE Installation Instruction 

WKE Products Page