Featuring the Exclusive   Sentinel II Microprocessor Control System. WKE Series systems with the SENTINEL II microprocessor-based control system are the most advanced systems available on the market. No other company offers the  Sentinel II performance at any price. 

The SENTINEL II features:

​A separate control panel with an LCD display that can be mounted on the cabinet or in a remote location.
Provides a constant readout of the temperature, with a separate alarm indicator light, which allows the user to change all operating parameters at any time. 
Built-in diagnostic routines display trouble codes on the LCD. 
Optionally the system can be connected to a home alarm system. 
The system also automatically controls fan speed to reduce energy use and noise while providing the optimum cooling under all conditions. 
WKE Series systems are compact, self-contained units. 
Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.

There are four models to choose from:
  All units are 115 Volt, 60 Hz
                                                        Enclosure            Electrical           Dimensions (in)                    Weight
                        Model              Volume (max)                          
                     WKE 3000              650 cu.ft.             5 Amps        14.25W x 19.75H x 21.63D             76 lb.
                     WKE 4000            1000 cu.ft.             7 Amps        14.25W x 19.75H x21.63D              81lb.
                     WKE 6000            1500 cu.ft.            9.5 Amps      16.25W x 22.00H x 22.25D            101lb.    
                     WKE 8000            2000 cu.ft.            10 Amps       16.25W x 22.00H x 22.25D            101lb.


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For more detailed information go to the WKE Installation Instruction 

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WKE series has been replaced by the WKL series. 

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