To use the below SIZING GUIDE, the enclosure to be cooled must be built to the following minimum specifications. If the enclosure cannot be built to these minium specifications, consult your Breezaire dealer for assistance in choosing the correct unit.

All walls, floors and ceilings should have a vapor barrier.  This vapor barrier should be installed on the warm side of the insulation.  All interior walls and floors should be lined with a minimum of R-11 insulation and exterior walls and ceiling insulation value should be a minimum of R-19.  There should be no glass doors and/or windows.

All joints, door frames, electrical outlets or switches and any pipes or vents which go through the enclosure should be sealed to prevent air and moisture leakage into the room. 

Doors into the enclosure should be of minimum size, insulated to R-11 and be tightly sealed with a high quality weather stripping.  Be sure to seal the bottom of the door and behind the door frame's molding.

Enclosure lighting should be of low wattage, with a timer to insure lights are not left on when the enclosure is unoccupied.  Recessed lighting should not be used, as they will allow outside air to enter the enclosure. 

No enclosure wall should receive direct sunlight or strong wind.  Concrete and brick are not insulation or moisture barriers.

Note:  Glass doors and/or windows are not included in our calculations and should not be used in a wine enclosure.

SIZING GUIDE & SPECIFICATIONS                           Model                         CU.FT. 
                                                                                                      (MIN. to MAX.)
                                                                     WKL 1060                      0 to 140 cu.ft
                                                            WKL/WKSL 2200                  140 to 265 cu.ft.
                                                            WKL/WKE 3000                   265 to 650 cu.ft. 
                                                            WKL/WKE/WKSL 4000         650 to 1000cu.ft.
                                                            WKL/WKE 6000                 1000 to 1500 cu.ft.
                                                            WKL/WKE 8000                 1500 to 2000 cu.ft

Enclosure volume is calculated by multiplying its length by its height by its width.
Note: Do not use this guide for WKCE units. Their configuration limits their use to  cabinets or narrow spaces.

Construction & Unit Sizing Guide