WKSL 3350

WKL 2150, WKL 3350

​Replaces the WK & WKE series. 

Please ask your dealer for pricing and leadtime. 

Replaced by WKSL 2200 (as of 12/2010)

WKCE 2150

Bottle probe sold separately

Bottle Probe

WKL 1060, WKL 2200, WKL 3000, WKL 4000, WKL 6000 & WKL 8000


*NOTE;  WKC or WKCE models are used by many different cabinet manufactures therefore there are many different modifications please contact Breezaire direct for replacement information. 

   WKS 2200 (Old Style)
(No longer manufactured)


​Replaces the WKC & OEM cabinet models. 

Split Systems

Replacement Air Handler or Condenser are available for purchase please contact

Breezaire at (858) 566-7465 

Air Handler (Evp)

Foreign Export Models
    220 volts 50hz  


Can be used on all models

Bottle probe sold separately

WKSL 2150


Air Handler (Evp)

WKSL 2200


WKSL 4000 

​  WKCE 1060 & WKCE 2200

Up Grade to Black Stainless Steel