Please review your orders with Amazon or ebay to make sure you get what you want and it is not a used system!!!
Buy direct from our authorized dealers would be the best way.

Below are names and web site information on company's that are NOT Breezaire authorized dealers.
                 Please do not use these company's to purchase Breezaire cooling systems. 

Thank You 


Please complete the form below if you are looking to purchase a Breezaire cooling system. We will respond to your inquiry with information on where our products can be purchased. 

Wine Cabinets .com
​Vino Cellars
Galt Wine @ galt wine .com 
IWA Wine
​Le Cache
​Genuwine Cellars online @ genuwinecellarsonline.com

Genie A/C  @ airconditioner.com

​MollieBooks @ amazon

Vino Grotto @ vinogrotto.com 

If you have any question on Breezaire Authorized Dealer's please contact us at 1-858-566-7465 or email info@breezaire.com